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ITSM Vendor Selection Consulting

ITSM Vendor Selection Services

  • Do you really understand the ITSM vendors pricing models in detail?
  • Would you like specific & compelling information to leverage for negotiations with your vendor?
  • Would you like completely un-biased customer references?
  • Do you know the best implementation resources in your region?
  • Would you like your total solution price audited to ensure you’ve received the best price?

It’s time to be honest with yourself… if you only buy an ITSM system once every 5 years, it’s hard to be an expert in purchasing one. We know that your IT procurement department is there to help. And they need to be involved in this decision by being fed the highest-quality information about vendor’s sales tactics.

Customer discounts vary widely in the commercial market depending on hundreds of factors relating to the purchase of your ITSM suite. And since every 5 years companies are likely to switch their ITSM platform, we figured you could use a reliable partner to help determine what is really the best suite to meet your needs… implemented by the best people. Because, it is true that even the best product on the market can be ruined by a poor implementation.

So, with ITSM University’s Vendor Selection Services, you can:

  • Get the best price on the software by avoiding hidden bundling, confusing pricing line items and understanding the expected range of discount you should receive.
  • Get the best implementation partner in your region. Just because an implementation partner is good in one place doesn’t mean they’re the best in your region.
  • Reduce your annual maintenance or subscription costs by reviewing legacy purchases.

With a decision this sensitive, we understand the need for discretion. We’ll be happy to sign a mutual NDA to ensure your privacy in this important decision. Pricing for this service is a flat fee that depends on when you engage us in the purchasing cycle.

In order to get started:

  • We sign mutual NDA
  • We set a free 1-hour conference call for information gathering and Q&A.
  • You explain what you’d like to purchase, what line items you’ve been quoted (if any), but don’t tell us the price or any sensitive details you can’t share.
  • We’ll then schedule a follow-up call to present options that will offer savings around maintenance, software, services or subscription fees.

Since you won’t have shared the pricing, you can compare the information we give you against what you already have to make a more informed decision. You only pay us if you choose to use our services!

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