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Northcraft Analytics is your partner in equipping your IT Organization with Premier Metrics discovery around your Service Management processes for any of the top ITSM platforms in the market.




Northcraft’s Advanced Metrics for IT Service Management suite places the analytical platform that is available to other critical operational departments in the hands of IT managers. Each of our modules, designed specifically for one of the core IT processes, presents a dashboard of Key Performance Indicators and a suite of standard reports designed to quickly discover the root causes of performance, or lack thereof. The solution also provides an interface for building ad-hoc reports directly in your web browser or in Microsoft Excel™, delivering the most robust set of business intelligence metrics available for IT Service Management.


Advanced Metrics – Over 1,500 pre-calculated metrics for ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery processes that are designed to be external and accurate.

Executive Dashboards - Evaluate operational performance at a glance with executive dashboards. View as a standalone webpage or integrate easily into SharePoint.

ITSM Integration - Move seamlessly from web-based reports to individual items in your ITSM system to address urgent items directly.

Key Performance Indicators - Uncover value immediately by leveraging our packaged KPIs across 10 process areas.

Ad-Hoc Reporting - Build your own ad-hoc reports directly in Excel OR with our integrated web-based reporting environment.

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