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One of the largest and most experienced third-party BMC Remedy software companies in the world…providing Enterprise Request Management for Remedy ITSM.



Kinetic Request

Kinetic Request is the easiest, most flexible tool available for creating and deploying request management portals on BMC Remedy. Kinetic Request is built on BMC Remedy. It works with the technology, applications and data you already have. Because Kinetic Request does not require technical programming skills to use, it empowers business process owners across departments to design and manage their own request management portals.

Key Features:

  • The fastest and simplest way to build request management portals on BMC Remedy.
  • Quickly create actionable web-based service request management portals to improve efficiency, response time, service quality, and customer satisfaction across your organization.
  • Requires no separate management system or integration effort because Kinetic Request is built on the BMC Action Request System platform.
  • May be used in any part of your organization that fulfills service requests including IT, HR, Facilities, and any other service delivery-oriented groups.

Kinetic Survey

Kinetic Survey is the only process-driven, web-based customer feedback survey management software for BMC Remedy. Totally embedded in BMC Remedy workflow, Kinetic Survey makes it easy to create context-sensitive help desk surveys for service delivery management. Surveys can be distributed via email, the web, or even as pop-up scripts for call center staff to gather actionable, timely feedback from internal or external customers.

Key Features:

  • Embeds surveys within your existing processes: Incidents, changes or other interactions can trigger context-sensitive surveys on the fly.
  • Enables you to create timely, tailored surveys in many areas of your organization including: market research, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, product development and IT and ITIL-based services management practices.
  • Systematically gathers and analyzes customer experiences to monitor and improve service delivery management.
  • Promotes a higher response rate.
  • Improves business services through automated feedback.
  • Increases sales and improves customer retention.

Kinetic Calendar

Kinetic Calendar software lets you easily create, manage and view BMC Remedy change request calendars, as well as calendars for virtually any purpose, that automatically access time-based data in your BMC Remedy system. It extends the value of BMC Remedy change management software by enabling effective communication of changes and other events across functional groups.

Key Features:

  • The only calendar publishing tool available built on BMC Remedy!
  • Built for multiple uses: on call calendars, SLA reviews, change-request calendars and more.
  • Displays BMC Remedy data in an online calendar.
  • Creates and shares actionable calendars across your organization.
  • Links Kinetic Calendar events to related BMC Remedy change management and other data.
  • Takes advantage of the BMC Remedy environment that you already know.

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