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State of the IT Service Management Market, Release 11

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Summary – State of the ITSM Market, Release 11 is 7,000+ words, graphs and tables of premium content about the IT Service Management market that cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, it is the most in-depth research provided by consultants, individuals and customers who have a great deal of implementation experience. In addition, this research also contains information with regards to packaging and pricing vetted by ITSM industry veterans. We have followed the model of Consumer Reports, so this information is unbiased for your benefit. That’s why you pay for it. Vendors do not pay us to be included or highlighted.

> Module by Module Comparison Chart — Incident, Problem, Request and more. We incorporated this information based on the feedback from the last release. It’s good to understand more about the platform, but opinions on the modules are important too.

> Market Share Trend Graph – Market share information has been collected from our ITSM database for many of the previous releases, so we thought we’d present a trend graph to highlight what’s been happening over time.

> Another Day, Another Lawsuit – BMC Sues ServiceNow, joining HP

> Updated for ServiceNow Eureka, HP SM 9.34, BMC Remedyforce Summer ’14, etc…

> ITSM Platform & Company Ratings Updated along with our summary stacked bar graph.

> Professional Editing – Ok. the content has been great in the past, but we might have been a bit too informal. We hear you.

> Over 15 pages of Detail – We don’t think you’ll find anything more comprehensive.

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